AGS is a design, drafting and visualization company located in Los Angeles, California with Production Office in Argentina.

We are a team of experienced Designers, Architects and Engineers specialized in providing outsourcing services and production support for Architecture firms, Developers and the Building industry around the world.

Our professionals are bilingual, knowledgeable on US and European standards which are used to generate high quality documentation and communication tools allowing our client to focus their efforts on business developments and increasing sales opportunities .
We develop long term Business Relationship with our clients because we know this is the key to Success.

  • Increase your productivity without major  investments in technology and infrastructure.
  • Reduce Overhead.
  • Reduce real estate investments.
  • Optimize business resources.
  • Minimize recruiting process.
  • Flexibility to adapt to market fluctuations.
  • Focus on core tasks.
  • Easy to measure results.
  • Concentrate efforts in sales and Management.

First Step

Preliminary gray scale preview images are provided to determine camera locations and the general architecture design.

Second Step

After approval of the first stage we will produce colored previews with the information submitted by the designer to visualize material, colors and any additional details.

Third Step

Upon approval of step two, colored illustrations with final adjustments, decoration and landscape elements, entourage and light effects are submitted for final approval.

Final Step

At this last stage we provide high resolution images if the format selected and the project is finished.